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Discover, engage, and experience the best events on your campus. Host live or virtual events , workshops or seminars ,Sell Unlimited tickets seamlessly and get paid Instantly


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Sell Out Your Events in Minutes

Imagine hosting an event on your campus and having it sold out within minutes. With Trybe City Events, that dream can become a reality. Our platform offers powerful tools and resources to help you reach your audience, generate buzz, and sell tickets faster than ever before.

unlock a world of unforgettable experiences

Event Ticketing:

Simplify event management with our seamless ticketing platform. From sales to check-in, we’ve got you covered.

Marketing Support

Amplify your event’s reach with our marketing expertise. From social media campaigns to email newsletters, we help you attract the right audience

Customized Solutions

Tailor your event experience with our customizable solutions. Virtual ticketing , QR scan technology , Real-Time Analytics and many more

Amazing Features for seamless Events

Virtual Ticket

Why rely on paper tickets when you can harness the convenience of Trybe City Virtual Tickets? Streamline your event experience by going digital. With Trybe City’s virtual tickets, attendees can access their tickets anytime, anywhere

QR scan

Utilize our QR Scan Code feature to ensure seamless event check-ins. Generate unique QR codes for each attendee, allowing admins to easily scan and confirm participants, streamlining event management for a hassle-free experience

Host Virtual Meetings & Webinars

Monetize your virtual meetings and engaging webinars with ease. Elevate your online events with Trybe City’s intuitive platform.

In-Depth Sales and Attendee Analytics

Dive into comprehensive sales and attendee analytics with Trybe City. Gain valuable insights into attendee behavior, track ticket sales performance, and optimize your event strategy for success. Make data-driven decisions and maximize the impact of your event


Can i Sell my Upcoming Events on Trybe City Events ?

Yes , you can sell your show tickets with Trybe City Events seamless

Do I need to pay before i list my event ?

No , listing your event on Trybe City Events is completely free 

Do i need to print out phsyical tickets ?

With Trybe City Events, you can modernize your events using QR scan technology. Say goodbye to traditional tickets; instead, a QR code is conveniently sent to attendees’ emails, ready for easy scanning

How can i track my ticket sales ?

You have the option to manage your events with our assistance, receiving daily updates on their status, or accessing a customized dashboard to view your events’ statistics.

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